The Stávek family has been living and growing wine in Němčičky for five generations. Due to its undulating relief the village has become known as “the village of nine valleys.” The winery was founded by Jan Stávek's great-grandfather František Kopřiva as early as 1898. Apart from the winery, the family estate called Vinařský dvůr also included a renowned guesthouse.

Specialized in cuvée, rosé & fortified wines

The family tradition has survived in our cuvée wines. The local terroir seems to be ideal for growing red varieties and we believe we have paid tribute to this unique terroir with our fruity rosé wines. Besides that, we are also one of the few domestic producers of fortified wines.

Our winery is a member of VOC Modré hory, an association producing certified wines made from the most traditional grape varieties in this region. Following the family tradition, our winery specializes in Frankovka.

We both live and work in the Vinařský dvůr estate. It will be a pleasure for us to cordially welcome you to our winery. We will be happy to arrange a wine tasting event for you and your colleagues or friends. We will also show you where and how our wines are produced. We hope you will find our winery nice and cosy, yet preserving the historical atmosphere of the place.

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Our story

The wine-growing tradition of Vinařský dvůr in house no. 176 in Němčičky, was started by František Kopřiva in 1898. In the 1920s, Jan Stávek's great-grandfather was highly respected as a winemaker and innkeeper far and wide in the neighbourhood. His wines were delivered not only to Prague burgher houses but also to Vienna. Our rustic cuvée Karmazín is produced according to František Kopřiva's original recipe and thus pays homage to this outstanding personality of wine growing.

The Stávek family married into the wine-growing Kopřiva family with the marriage of Jaroslav Stávek. His father Josef Stávek finally revealed the recipe of the family cuvée Dědova večerka (one of our most popular wines) which had long been kept secret. Jaroslav Stávek has also enriched our winery with his own cuvée called Áčko which reflects the style of his favourite wines.

The present owner of the winery is Jan Stávek who represents the fourth generation of the winery. Jan Stávek changed its name from Vinařský dvůr to Víno J. Stávek. One of his own unique cuvée recipes is a rosé called Čtvrté.

Ing. Jan Stávek, Ph.D.
Salon vín České republiky Award-Winning Wine Producer

Ing. Jan Stávek, Ph.D.

The present owner of the winery has decided to combine the family tradition and rich experience of his ancestors with expert and world wide knowledge. His deep interest in wine technologies has been used in his enology doctoral degree. Jan Stávek has had the opportunity to learn about wine production in various countries and continents.

Long lasting family tradition encompassing profound knowledge of the local grape varieties and wine growing combines with precision in technology and use of the most up to date knowledge of wine.

Jan Stávek is an advocate of rosé wines as they seem to have a long maturing potential. Furthemore, during his studies abroad Jan Stávek was impressed by fortified wines and subsequently has become one of the few producers of this type of wine in the Czech Republic. Jan Stávek's unique approach to wine production has contributed to the success of his wines in various prestigeous wine competitions. So far the greatest success has been the title The winery of the year (2015). In 2020 was appointed as a Winemaker of the Year in the Czech republic.

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